What Is High-Intensity Interval Training?

Have you been sitting on the exercise bike for an hour steadily working up a sweat, but not noticing a difference in your weight or endurance? It can seem like you’re not making any progress during your workout goals. What’s worse is, you set aside so much time at the gym for light cardio, only to see minimal results. Fortunately, there’s an exercise routine that takes half the time with proven results. This exercise system is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

What Is HIIT?

Instead of wasting an hour or two slowly jogging on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike, you’ll only spend under thirty minutes doing high-intensity interval training. These exercises are done in short bursts. You might be wondering how you can derive any benefit from exercising for a short amount of time, but with HIIT, you’re getting just as much benefit as you would with a steady gym routine. 

However, HIIT isn’t going as intense as you can for ten minutes straight. You’re alternating periods where you’re doing a couple of minutes of low-intensity exercise. For example, instead of jogging steadily for an hour straight on a treadmill, you’ll set the treadmill for as fast as you can for a couple of seconds, then go to a light jog for a couple of minutes. The few seconds you’re getting vigorous exercise is the high-intensity portion of your exercise. You can perform the same technique with a stationary bike as well. Set the bike’s resistance as high as you can tolerate, then pedal as fast as you can for a few seconds. After that, you do a couple of minutes of slow-cycling at a lower resistance. 

When you’re performing HIIT, you’re burning just as many calories (if not more) in a shorter amount of time. You can fit high-intensity interval training easily into a busy schedule. 

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