Importance of Stretching for

If you’ve ever trained a Muay Thai/ Kickboxing session, you already know it’s an intense and challenging workout. Kickboxing mixes the control and techniques of martial arts with fast-paced cardio. You’ll be doing a combination of knee strikes, kicks, and punches that require every muscle group, including your core muscles. Every muscle in your body will get an intense workout that requires balance and coordination. However, it’s also essential to work on your flexibility with kickboxing. 

Why Stretching Is Important For Muay Thai/ Kickboxing

You’re doing a lot of rapid movements in kickboxing. You’re engaging every muscle in your body, but if your muscles are too tense, you’re putting them at risk of injury. You’re reducing the risk of sore muscles after an intense workout because you’re putting less stress on your muscles. When you stretch before a workout, you’re decreasing your risk of muscle strain. 

When you’re doing Muay Thai, you’re using a wide range of motion because you’re engaging different muscle groups of your body. However, to improve your range of motions, so you’re not straining yourself, you need to stretch before an intense kickboxing session. Every sport requires a certain level of flexibility. Still, you’ll need access to your body’s limit of flexibility regarding kickboxing because of its focus on different muscle groups in your body. 

Stretching also offers the opportunity for you to warm up your body. You can perform dynamic stretching such as arm swings or lunges to work on your full range of motion before kicking and punching. Dynamic stretching helps you unlock your entire range of motion before a Muay Thai session. 

Whether you’re doing static stretching or dynamic stretching, you’ll want to make sure your shoulders, upper legs, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, upper arms, neck, and core muscles are properly stretched and warmed up before going into training. A proper stretching form will ensure you’re preventing injury and can continue to train for years to come.

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